Size Tips

Style J – Size Tips
Size Tips: Our sizes are labeled to reflect waist size. You will find detailed measurements
of each skirt on the style's page.

Please check carefully for your individual size measurements before ordering.
If you are not sure about your waist size, you can measure the waistband of a skirt you own.
Lay the skirt flat on the table, measure from the left to the right
without stretching out the skirt, then double your measurement.
For example, if your measure result is 17",
then you double it (17" x 2 = 34"), that means the skirt waistband measurement is 34".
Use this measurement to refer to the size chart to find what size skirt you should order.
Make sure to take your hip size into consideration.
You can measure the fullest part of your hips to match the size chart
to ensure your skirt will be a good fit. 

How to read our size chart:
Size: Label on the skirt.
US Size: Recommended size comparison based on the standard US clothing size for skirts.
Skirt Waistband: The measurement of the skirt's waistband. To measure a skirt's waistband,
lay it on a flat surface and measure from left to right, then double that number for
the skirt waistband size.
Skirt Hips: Generally, the skirt's hip size is measured between 6"~8" below the waistband.
This can vary with different styles. To measure a skirt's hip size, lay it flat on a surface and
measure 6"~8" below (for low-rise cut skirt, usually measure 6"~7" below) the waistband. 
At that spot, measure left to right and double the number to get the skirt's hip size.
Bottom Width: The bottom width of the skirt. Note: This measurement is NOT the circumference
of the skirt.
Skirt Length: Measurement from the top of the skirt (the waistband) to the bottom of the skirt.



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